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Künstliche Intelligenz und nukleare Bedrohungen (Verlag Barbara Budrich)

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Artikelnummer: 9783847426578
Autor/Verlag: Bläsius, Karl Hans, Schwalb, Reiner

[Keul, Katja]
Reihe: WIFIS-aktuell/73
73 Seiten
von 2022
Increasing complexity and reduced decision times in early warning systems for nuclear threats require the use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. In this book, AI experts address aspects of the security of such AI decisions and the risks of accidental nuclear war. It is supplemented by comments from policymakers and a military expert.

Person Bläsius, Karl Hans, Schwalb, Reiner
Autor Bläsius, Karl Hans, Schwalb, Reiner
Genre Geschichte